We coordinate everything you need to do to become a resident of El Salvador

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Our Residency Package includes:

  • A personal interview to determine the appropriate visa program for your situation. We prefer to use Keet for video conferencing, messaging, and sharing of sensitive files.
  • A Power of Attorney allowing us to create and submit the residency application on your behalf. To create this document, we require a high-resolution copy of the identity page of your passport. Before we submit the application, we will require high-resolution copies of all the stamped pages in your passport, good conduct forms from your residence(s) for the past two years, and a variety of other documents specific to the visa program for which you apply. We will also need a local address, telephone number and email. The address may change, i.e. be temporary accommodation, but if it does change, you must make us aware of the new address, preferably before you move. Immigration usually performs an unannounced visit toward the end of its review at the address you indicate. You must be in-country when the application is submitted and appear at the immigration office in order to be photographed for your ID card. If you are not present for the unannounced visit, or immediately thereafter, your application may be denied. Therefore, it is recommended that you prepare to remain in the country for the approximately 8 weeks it will take to fully approve your request.
  • We will work with you to request any foreign documents needed to support your application, as well as coordinating the legalisation of those documents.
  • We will either pay directly, or reimburse you for all fees related to the issuance, professional indications, and mailing of the documents.
  • We will provide the translation of any required documents into Spanish by an official Salvadoran translator.
  • We will provide for the secondary notarizing of all documents by an official Salvadoran attorney.
  • We will perform the final review of your application by a Salvadoran attorney, and submit it on your behalf.
  • We will pay the application fees to immigration.
  • We will also provide introductions to our local community of English-speaking service providers who cover any possible needs you may have during your time in El Salvador.

* Dependents under 18 may be added to your residency at no charge (they require a legalized, original birth certificate, additional rules apply); Adult companions (spouses and family members) may be added with the ‘Companions’ service at the time of purchase for a discounted fee of $1,500 each (they require a legalized, original document proving the relationship, additional rules apply).

* We do not offer payment plans. All fees must be paid in full at the time service begins in order to retain the services of the various professionals necessary to successfully file your application.

* If you move, change phone numbers, or email addresses, during your application process, or at any time while a legal resident, you must submit the change via this form physically to the immigration office within five days of the change or you will incur fines. Temporary residency is designed for people who are interested in living in El Salvador, not for those people who wish to spend most of their time in another country. Immigration will only allow temporary residents to leave the country for 90 days in a single trip, or for 120 days cumulatively over the course of your residency year. This means you need to plan to live in El Salvador for at least 8 months out of the year. Once you have been a temporary resident for a period of time (for most applicants, it is three years), then you can apply for Permanent Residency, and at that time you can leave the country for up to two years in a single trip without losing your status. Once you become a citizen (which happens for most applicants at the five year mark) you can leave the country for five years at a time.

* Original documents that you submit to immigration become the property of the government of El Salvador. They will not be returned to you. If you want extra copies to keep for other purposes, you need to request additional copies from the authorities in your country of origin.

* The applicants’ name on every document submitted must match their passport exactly. Many documents have additional requirements, including expiration dates that may not be obvious. Please inquire for your specific circumstance.