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This service includes:

The creation of a Salvadoran Limited Liability Corporation known as a Sociedad Anónima de Capital Variable (S.A. de C.V.). This company can be used to engage in any lawful activity. It doesn’t have to be a bitcoin-centered business, although it certainly can be. Holding companies for digital (or other) assets are allowed.

  • Issuance of template Constitution, aka Articles of Incorporation / Bylaws (customization available).
  • Issuance of “minuta” (English summary of the Articles of Incorporation).
  • Registration with the appropriate Salvadoran authorities.
  • The establishment of legal representation by a Salvadoran attorney (as required by law).
  • The establishment of a fiscal and legal address (inquire for more information).
  • The elaboration of your financial statement by a Certified Public Accountant and secondary Independent Auditor (as required by law).
  • Ongoing support by a Certified Public Accountant for the purposes of compliance, annual registration, and monthly and yearly tax reporting is available for USD 1,500 per year (exclusions apply).
  • Corporate Kit including , constitution, registration documents, receipts, other legal forms, etc. Also includes a corporate seal. The Kit and copies of all Salvadoran documents can be mailed to you internationally or reserved at our offices for your arrival, at no charge.
  • The initial required certified check (this money goes into the operating account, which you control).
  • The service does not include the minimum ‘share capital’ of USD2,000.
  • This service is only available for purchase in your country of origin.

Some requirements are subject to change without notice due to bank and government policy which are highly responsive to inflationary pressure in the broader economy.

If you open a dollar-denominated bank account, that account may not be used for international wire transfers during an initial six month ‘seasoning period’. You are able to write and deposit checks and money orders and use a linked debit card. You may also partner with an existing business with an aged account to process international payments during your seasoning period, but that is not a service we broker. Please note this is a bank policy, not a government policy.

All fees required to be paid for the incorporation and registration are covered. This service is completely inclusive of all expenses. There are no refunds or guarantees for our services.

Issuance of equity on the Liquid Network available. Issuing equity is a complex legal procedure, and you are encouraged to seek outside legal counsel in your jurisdiction of origin before attempting a private placement or public offering. For an example, see SideSwap. For an example of other types of financial instruments, see Mifiel.

Registration can take approximately 90 days, and afterwards your company will be viewable in the system hosted here upon formation.

Once the initial corporation is formed, subsidiaries may be added for USD2,000 each.


Is foreign ownership allowed?– Yes, up to 100% foreign ownership is allowed.

Can the company sponsor foreign employees?Yes, but at least 90% of the employees must be Salvadoran. We can assist with compliance regarding this aspect of the law. Inquire for details.

Are there capital controls?– No.

Is there a minimum share capital?– Yes, USD2,000.

What is the minimum number of shareholders?– There must be at least two shareholders.

Is a fiscal address and legal representation required?Yes.

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