2. Basic Residency Package


This package is tailored for independent explorers who prefer to handle certain procedures on their own. It is not recommended if you are not a seasoned traveler with a proficient level of Spanish.



Basic Residency Package:


Consultation and Residency Program Selection:

Personal consultation to understand your needs and recommend suitable residency program.

Application Preparation Assistance:

Guidance on preparing residency application documents, including passport copy, criminal record checks, and other required documents specific to the residency program.

Legal Support:

Translation of your background check.

Power of Attorney to submit the residency application.

Notarization of all documents by Salvadoran attorney.

Logistical Support:

Bilingual personal assistant at immigration office.

Assistance in providing a local address, telephone number, and email for use in the application.

Support Services:

Future benefits provided by Bitcoin Embassy like free invitations to events, networking, workspace, etc.

Fees and Payments:

Immigration fee is included.

Residency Requirements and Obligations:

Clients responsible for informing immigration of any changes in address or contact information within the required timeframe.

Clients must comply with residency rules and regulations, including minimum residency duration and limitations on leaving the country.

Document Ownership:

Original documents submitted to immigration become the property of the government of El Salvador.

Client Responsibility:

Clients must ensure that the name on every document submitted matches their passport exactly and that all documents meet the necessary requirements.

This basic residency package aims to provide essential support and guidance to clients seeking residency in El Salvador while keeping costs at a minimum. Clients are encouraged to take an active role in the application process and adhere to residency requirements to ensure a smooth and successful application.


(For more details, please email escapetoelsalvador.org)