Please choose three potential names for the corporation. They will be submitted, in order, to the registry and the first that doesn't conflict will be chosen, so list them in order of preference.

    Please list the local, legal address for the business. For the purposes of registration, you are welcome to leave this field blank and we will use the Escape to El Salvador address and change it later.

    Please choose a local, legal representative for the corporation. Our clients typically let Escape to El Salvador assign a legal representative, because we are available to sign any relevant documents without delay, but it may be anyone who remains full-time in the country. We do not charge extra to serve as the legal representative.

    If you choose your own legal representative, please indicate which identification document they will present at the time of signing.

    Please choose whether the corporation will be managed by a 'Sole Administrator' of 'Board of Directors'. If a board, a Chairman and Alternate must be designated. If Sole Administrator is chosen, and alternate must also be designated. These individuals need not be local. Please use full names and passport (country and number).

    Please make a comprehensive list of all potential business activities the corporation may, but is not required, to engage in. For example:

    Business activities:
    - Exchange of Bitcoin and fiat currency
    - Payment services for Bitcoin and fiat currency
    - Information and communication technology consulting services
    - Sale of Automobiles
    - Ditch Digging Services
    - Graphic Design
    - Sale of digital goods
    - Food service operations
    - Property development
    - Mindreading

    Please choose a number of shares to be issued which is not more in number than the amount of dollars being used for the share capital (the minimum required share capital is $2000).

    Please list any shareholders and their corresponding share allocation.